Placement Testo

Testo Placement

When the lost start to look againWhen the dreamers start to dream again
When the broken start to heal again
And when I find something worth believing in
Maybe I will start to feel again
And when the rain takes the suffering and pain
Away from here
Maybe I won't have to lie anymore
About a home which I've never seen before
When the fallen are on their feet again
Maybe, maybe, maybe I'll know it's there
And I don't care if I have to look for a while
Because I heard it, I heard it like the thunder hears the sun
Do miracles exist?
Have you ever seem a miracle with your own eyes?
Well I believe I have
I see it as often as the colorblind see rainbows in their skies
And I've tried to tear down this world
But it won't budge
I've tried to walk through walls and fly like birds do
I've tried to avoid being weak
I've actually smiled as I look at my window
To a scene that looked so bleak
And if you hold my hand
I think, maybe, I can walk on water
If you give me someplace to stand
I think, maybe, I can find my place in this world
And when the weatherman tells me
Today looks like an all too lonely day
I will grab my tear soaked raincoat
And find an empty place inside my empty soul to stay
And the skeptics find themselves with their hands in the air
Taking off their glasses and on their knees to accept defeat
Then maybe I can reason that I do have this thing beat
But until I will pace across my beautifully patterned carpet
As the mud from my shoes becomes a permanent stain
When the hungry start to feed again
And when the lonely start to befriend again
When the angry start to love again
Maybe then I'll find my place in this world
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