November Testo

Testo November

I'm tired and wearyAnd fraying at the seams
And it seems that all my friends
Are beginning to form teams
And I'm all alone
I'm all alone
I'm weak and pathetic
Beginning to over flow
And all the facts are
Denying what I used to know
Now nothing's left
Now nothing's left
Now nothing's left that's worth keeping
The moon is my sun
And the sun is my enemy
Night keeps me safe
When I don't have to face the world
I try and stay calm and collected
It does me no justice
To watch you with him
You are deceptive
But everyone said you could be trusted
They said you were going through what I was
As they through me high fives
And they smiled and they lied
Now the illusion laughs in my face
I'm tired and weary
I'm tired of you
But you said that forever was
Was just around the corner
Now where do I go?
Now where do I go?
Lately it's been
So hard getting by
Lacking simple answers
To simple questions like why
I still can't remember
What went wrong in November?
I'm sure you'd remind me
If I asked you to
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