Nothing Testo

Testo Nothing

No sympathy or empathyAnd my knuckles are bleeding again
And the walls been dented in
I'm having one of those days
I try to put it all behind me
Make friends and have a good time
But it is just so hard when
Can't find the perfect rhyme
You show no remorse
I'm wasting my best tears
On all these worthless years
And on you
And my residence is
Filled with furniture
To make it feel like home
When all I feel is alone
And the wall has been dented
In the hall that's not vented
It was always so hot in there
And I punched it so hard
You show no sympathy or empathy
And my knuckles are bleeding again
I dented my wall in
It's just one of those days
When nothing seems to go right
You get in the and realize you
Didn't turn out the lights
And the traffic lights
Seem to last for ever
And the hours of sleep
Seem to begin never
You show no sympathy for me
And all your empathy is worthless
Because I know you've never seen your self like this and you don't understand
You show no sympathy
For my insecurities and fears
You show no pity, not that I want it
But would it hurt you just to show it?
I want to see that you care
I want to be assured you're really there
Because otherwise, otherwise
We're through
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