More Than She Knows Testo

Testo More Than She Knows

She's taking a long walk off a short pierShe's facing the world and everything but her fear
Of what she can't see, and who she can't be
But she's so much more then what she knows
She's gone where no one's dared to go
Into my heart and gave truth to my lies
And she taught me that it's okay to cry
And she taught me everything I know
She's everything to me
She's where I want to be
Sometimes she gets so down on herself
Sometimes she doesn't see what everyone sees
She can't hold her beauty like I can't
I stand outside her and look in
So much beauty within her perfect frame
She's not ┬Łungrateful;┬Ł as the quiet voices say
They're loud behind the back of their topic
So speechless face to face. Cowards.
She just doesn't see what I see
I wish she could be me for a day
And observe the light she's given me
She's where I want to be
She's everything to me
She's got her own song and she's singing it to the world
But she doesn't hear the smoothness in her notes
The perfect rhythm to her melody
I dance only to her song
She is beautiful; inside and out
I could watch her graceful motions
And I see the jealousy in those who pass her
But the smiles they inherit when our short meetings are through
And they walk into the light she shed behind her
But she's taking such a long walk
Off such a short pier
Her journey's too long to end here
I run my fingers through her hair
And she smiles. Oh, she is so brilliant
She fears she running out of time
She hates time because it isn't concrete
Because it isn't made of something physical
She is made of so much more than she knows
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