Janis Left Testo

Testo Janis Left

She packed her things and leftJanis left
She held me as he bored on
Janis bored on
She said she would be home so soon
But I new things would change in June
And Janis left under the full moon
But she didn't leave me behind
So she claimed
Said that this was for the better
She'd send souvenirs, photographs and letters
When Janis left
Said she wasn't leaving me behind
I watched her go
Train moved so slow
When Janis left
Left me behind
How could I have been so blind
I wish I could hit rewind
The empty rooms there to remind me
Janis left
Left me behind
No one left such a soft place to fall
Said that I couldn't have it all
Like I had before Janis left
Left me behind
And the story ends
I wish you hadn't called when you got in
Said you lost but I sure didn't win
So who got the medal this time around?
Who's in the dungeons and who's wearing the crown?
She said she wanted to come get the rest of her things
I unplugged the phone so that it wouldn't ring
The key under the mat is an ancient art
One that I wish I didn't have to start
But since Janis left
I have this empty feeling
And I'm the only one starring at the ceiling
When I lay in bed alone
And hope that it isn't the phone
That I just heard ring 4 times
Wishing that was the neighbors phone line
Janis left
I should be over it
But I'm not
Janis left
She didn't leave me behind
Said she didn't leave me behind
She never was one to lie
I guess she changed more then I though
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