It's Only Testo

Testo It's Only

The path we walk on is one that isDrenched in rain and soaked in pain
We leave no footsteps as midnight walks
Can be so intimate when we don't talk
The bracelet hangs more loosely
On your well held wrist
As you resist being any closer then we are
But we seem to be so far apart
But it's only a few steps difference
In the space that keeps our hands from touching
It's only
It's only
It's only a few steps that keeps me from you
The sun I thought I saw over the
Eastern hills was really only
A brilliant flower standing out
I'm sorry for the inconvenience
But it's only
It's only
It's only a flower standing out
The lake that has no outlet to the
Bay that has no way to reach the
Ocean is a sanctuary where you are the
Matter in question
It's only
It's only
It's only water; it is not a treat to
Why are you so afraid?
Your ankles seem to need support
They hardly buttress the burden you hold
You don't make eye contract
You stare straight down and impossible see the ground
It's only cement so don't feel deprived
It's only the ground
So you'll survive
Excuses have their uses but now they seem unimportant
It's you and me or you
You said, It's you and me, all or nothing
I said, It seems dark for 6 o'clock
It seems dark for 6 o'clock
It's only
It's only it's only you or me
Your tears have no significance
You say you only cry for yourself
I know somewhere in those tears
There is sympathy for me
I know what you're feeling
But only know what you tell me
And I know it seems dark, baby
But it's only 6 o'clock
Yeah but it's only
It's only
It's only 6 o'clock
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