Innocence Testo

Testo Innocence

The morning is upon usThe moon just went away
And the sunlight, so bright
Making its first appearance, yeah
The ocean gives a perfect reflection
Of my face when I don't want to see it
There will always be that
Infinite echo ringing clearly
As if it's there to remind me
The dewdrops drench the palm trees
And the pinkish tint
Around the sun has left
Without a trace of which side of the earth it will face
The morning breeze intoxicates me
And I suffocate
It's just too pure
For the guilty me always sneaking more
What ever happened to the days on the beach?
Where did they go so fast?
My footprints cover them
But they're so small
As if not even there at all (but they are)
Now I try to leave the same markings
But they're too big
They're not the same
And I cry for my fault
Where is the yellow school bus?
I think it's time for it to pick me up
Where is my homemade lunch?
They went away
Why don't I have some say?
In the decision that changed my life
What ever happened to my innocence?
The tree house and the hockey games
My life has been so enlarged
Now stand guilty as charged, yeah
The night is upon us
And the sun seems to leave so fast
And the nigh hours
They get the best of me
And I just have to time to
Look around and see
My guilt self in the mirror
I'm so guilty
I left my memories
And I'm not pure
I'm so culpable
I stand like I'm made of stone
And I watch my innocence
Grow wings and fly
I don't even flinch
As it flies two inches within my reach
I don't try to get it back
I'm worn-out
What ever happened to the family vacations?
I want to go to Disney Land
What ever happened to the beat up old Plymouth?
1980's blue made its debut with that car
I scream at the top of my lungs
And I hear it echo
It's beautiful
Unlike my personality, yeah
What ever happened to my innocence?
It left without the smallest hint
Of where it could be found
I search so desperately
It's helpless, useless
I'm guilty as charged
Guilty as charged, yeah
I want my innocence back
How did 1989 slip through my fingers?
The memories; heat wave; they still linger
The footprints in the sand
It got so out of hand
Shouldn't I have had some say?
In the decision that changed my life?
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