Hidden Lies Testo

Testo Hidden Lies

These corners hide my secretsCandlelight makes the shadows play
And my bedroom sheets can hide my lies
And I can hide safely behind what I say
Your eyes can sift the truth
The filter is a flawless system you possess
Thinking never complimented my position,
so why opinionate now?
The depths of your eyes
Are ones I wish to not explore
The feelings that I've felt I wish to not give up
But Jeopardy is a game for two
Behind the closed doors
Are rooms you've never seen
And all this filth is covering
The floors that looked so clean
These corners hide my secrets
Candlelight makes shadows play
My bedroom sheets can hide the lies and shrink the size
Of all the deceiving words that I have learned to say
Fabrication fills my lungs
It is my fault for breathing in
The tears the drown me are not mine
These thoughts are better out of my head
Confusion is what I have come to know
Illusion is all in the way you play the game
And beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
So I must look so ugly to you
Under the bed and tangled in the sheets
Is a lie that never looked more concrete
Closed doors are not my friends
All stories have their ends
Just outside, what looked so living?
Because the life you saw has died
The tickets in my pocket aren't compatible
For the attraction I want to ride
Your eyes are not the color that they used to be
But the smile you fake is my soothing poetry
You see through the stained glass that led you to me
And the beauty that you see must look so ugly
These corners hide my secrets
And candlelight makes the shadows play
And my bedroom sheets can hide my lies and disguise
The words you thought you heard me say
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