Go Testo

Testo Go

She says she has to goThere are things she has to come to know
There is a book she's been meaning to read
And a flame that she needs to feed
She says there is someone
There is someone that she has to become
There is another life waiting for her
A better life that she would prefer
She says she's been watching a slide show
Of all the old reruns
And she needs a life she can live
A life that will forgive
Well go. Just go
What's stopping you?
Go. Just go
I'm not keeping you here anymore
Leave. Go on and leave me
What's stopping you?
Who's stopping you?
She says that life is not what it used to be
She's been waiting for someone to come and set her free
And she thought that I could, thought that I would
But I didn't, that's why she has to go
She says there's a space that needs to be filled
And there's a love she thought I could build
She says there are things I never did that could have saved us
From this weight that we've put on
She says she is leaving
No use in believing
Truths that were never just
She says I'm a liar
Just a desire
Her heart just couldn't acquire
So now she has to go
If you want to leave
Why haven't you done it?
There has to be someone that's keeping you here
This is the part where you disappear
But you're still standing there
Do you think you'll cry when you're gone?
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