Forever Testo

Testo Forever

You're so beautiful when you sleepSo quietly, so peacefully
Reminds me of the rising sun
In winters' haze
It's soothing
You're steady breathing
Keeps me safe
I could stay here forever
I wish I could
I don't want to leave
It's almost too perfect to be real
It's almost to soft a material to feel
I will break before I bend
How long is forever, when will it end?
Your legs are soft
As they graze mine
And none of this should be
Left behind
I long to be
So deep inside of you
To have your eyes on me
To have your weight on me
To have your hands on me
There's nothing I want more
Tonight seems to go so fast
Just to feel what it feels to feel alive
I hold you in my arms
And grace wraps around us
With my hands on your hips
And your head on my shoulder
With your tears soaking my shirt
I realize what living is
I hope you never change
I love you too much
I hope it never ends
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