For Natalie Testo

Testo For Natalie

There is a certainBitterness in your voice
As I make my choice
To leave this place
And I cannot blame you
I would be bitter too
There is a certain
Glossy look in your eye
But I know you'd never cry
I'm leaving for a better life
Now maybe you can handle yours
And all the people
On the road
They are so perfect
And so symmetrical
Circumnavigate this body of imperfection
Armed with broken hearts and open wounds
They offer no protection
I'll hit come chords that are familiar
Just to see that you are living
Tell me it's okay for me to go
It's hard enough
I know this life has not treated you well
Though understand you never fled from the hell
I do not blame you for being angry
But be happy one of us is
Moving on
The water you swim in gets colder by the minute
You know it will freeze soon
Why are you standing there?
The vessel you use to
Keep yourself dry, is the one that made you cry
And he uses you more then you use him
So I don't blame you for being angry
I know you need me as much as I need you
But moving on is something
I never learned from you
And that's the reason I know it will work out
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