Charlene Testo

Testo Charlene

Charlene came by last nightSaid something about how
You were right
She said she was sorry
And the morning offered no comfort
Even when she asked
She wanted to know
When you would be coming home
And when I told her where you were
She left the same as she came
Charlene came by last night
The evening got the best of her
I told her to be careful
The wet roads were a treat
Wheel of fortune didn't keep her gaze
For long
Those hazel eyes you loved so much were thinking
Thinking of other things
Where did you go wrong?
I saw the love between you
The love that kept me looking
The love that kept you two so far apart
Asbury Lane is all that is between you now
Charlene came by
Did I forget to mention that?
Nothing happened
She just said
That she was sorry
But you are broken
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