California Waves Testo

Testo California Waves

The boat is tethered to the dockAnd I see the way
That the knot has been tied
And I see tears I never thought you cried
Bittersweet never tasted so good
And sooner or later favors the nadir
Of what could come
And what never should
The waves crashing on the sand
And the wind tasseled hair that holds my fingers
Holds them so well
Reminds me of what has been
And what could never be
Bittersweet parting has showed me
Just what could never be
What once was is not now
You'll come to realize that somehow
California waves
California days
Burning me until I am burnt
You can take and you can break me
Just don't try and remake me
Don't try and be what cannot be
We cannot be
It isn't worth the pain
Bittersweet California
California waves
Remind me of just how much has been washed away
California sunrise
California goodbyes
California waves
Washing all away
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