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I crash into the ocean arms wide openWater's viscosity seems high
The waves are crashing over me
And I feel no more
I spread out under the sun
In hopes of soaking some up
My lips form what you call a smile
And I feel no more
I look out my picture window
Where all the flowers grow
And watch the children pick the berries
And I feel no more
I sit on the lakeside park bench
The city moves around so fast
And everyone is dressed in black and white
And I feel no more
I feel...
No more
I feel...
No more
I walk into the nearest bar
Wishing I felt a bit more sober
When the night is aging fast
I feel no more
I catch the high fives my friends threw
I paint myself in pretty colors
But I know I just look grey
And I feel no more
I hear their voices ringing loud
He drinks too much
He swears to often.
I try to drown them out
But it's harder then it looks
Well, ask Erin where I went
Ask Erin where I went, why don't you ask her for me?
Ask Erin why I left so fast
Because I'm still here physically,
Though I wish I wasn't
I feel no more
I never want to feel again
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