As You Walked Away Testo

Testo As You Walked Away

Your rain soaked hairOver your shoulders
Was just enough to let me know
What I already knew
Your wet face
With tears, or rain?
Was just enough to deafen
A sound I never heard
You told me something last night
Something about how I was right
That forever wasn't in the plan
We should have stopped before we began
How could you've turned away like that?
How could you've been so thoughtless?
Did you think that it was okay?
For me to stand so lifeless as you walked away?
How could you have left me like that?
Were you trying to make me cry?
Did you even see me as you turned away?
I stood like stone in my doorway
Did you cry when you got home?
Did you think about picking up the phone?
Did you leave your socks hear as a way to remind me
That not everything was wrecked?
You looked worn
I knew you hadn't come straight over
You'd been driving through town
Kicking thoughts around
Did you manage to shed a tear?
When you got home, was the fear near?
Did you get that alone feeling?
Did your life loose all it's meaning?
I stood so lifeless as you walked away
I stood so lifeless as you walked away
As you walked away
As you walked away
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