Annual Arrogance Pageant Testo

Testo Annual Arrogance Pageant

Here is goes againAs it does every year
The annual arrogance pageant
It's everything you've come to fear
It is the annual arrogance pageant
Grab your ticket and get in line
What them glisten, watch them shine
It won't take long to get the show on the road
Annual arrogance pageant
Who will take first place?
Who will have the most conceited face?
Who will bring home the gold?
Watch them push and watch them shove
Watch each of them think they are above
The other and if attention was a circle
They'd be the center of it
Bobbing for notice in freezing water
The annual arrogance pageant
Yeah, come once a year for only one day
Then goes away
It's too good not to miss
Too good not to miss
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