The Dawn Of Dying Testo

Testo The Dawn Of Dying

hells breaking loose when the daltons rode
terrorizing aims get off the ground
fellows-hip by brotherhood in arms
despising law and order, got remand

their soul has slept in cold eclipse
roused by fighting spirit
following the promised way straight
to the dawn of dying
dancing to the beat of the singing guns
another soul is passing by
at the dawn of dying
the dawn of dying

barrels sight their heads in coffeville
lured into the trap the end is near
at least the dead await the final storm
baptized in fire, bodies to adorn
bullets flow dehumanized
but the purge is done
within the one who told the story
within the truth about the glory
of the dawn of dying
the dawn of dying

forever crucified at the judgement's wooden spine
the final pulse of history
forever buried there where the others lie
old west infinity
perfect genocide is computerized
the laughing face of death around
the warning that nobody realized
will take us to the dawn
the dawn of dying
the dawn of dying
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