Widow's Staircase Testo

Testo Widow's Staircase

bury your hands in mine.little wrists as cold as low tide.
veins are thin.
divide the ribbons.
don't leave me here.
i can't see you on another dying bed. i'm your only son.
i need you to stay no matter what it takes.
stay here long enough.
if you need me to take the cancer.
and inject it into my veins.
you are my dying father.
i miss you more than you'll ever know. i miss you more than i'd ever say.
i miss you like my grandfather's death. i never had a chance to say goodbye. rest your talons on a highwire.
resting your neck against my wing.
my own unwedded self-destruction seems so comforting.
mostly at these times.
when are you coming home.
i've been waiting here for so long. when are you coming home.
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