Dive Into Nothingness Testo

Testo Dive Into Nothingness

In a world that doesn't appear to be his own
A man is witnessing a surreal vision
Obscure swirl of total emptiness
Causing time distortion and lights fading
Attracting each parts of himself slowly
To a place where even sounds can't subsist
Dive into nothingness
And see what this man has seen
Feeling every fragment of his physical form
Leaking out of what he tought was reality
Paralyzed by an unknown dizzyness
He's now unable to see due to the absence of lights
Floating into nothingness
The man thinks about himself on Earth
Looking towards the sky
Imagining a paradise that is now empty
He wakes up
From his dream
In his bed
He wonders what were those vision
That contradict every of his actual beliefs
Forcing him to see everything with a different approach
For each day that passes he realize more clearly
That each part of our world is in fact part of the void
He knows he'll have to face it one day or another
Unsurre about how hard it will be to go through this step
He dives into nothingness
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