The Frightening Moon Obsession Testo

Testo The Frightening Moon Obsession

The wolves escape down hill
When hear the demoniac growl...
The echo runs through the forest
Spreading death in all way
Contorting skeletal and leafless trees
Mortifying even the most perverse ones !
Branches like sharpened daggers
Needles like thorns...
The evil's untied
Free like silver
Light from above
Bulwark of enchanted shine
Brings the wind of 'the change'
The red eyed creature
Like the running warm blood...
Observes silently demons silhouette mingles with the night...
Claws like sharpened blades
Jaws of bestial seizures
Stuck deep in the victims lacerated just before start screaming.
Fear mortals
This thirst only will be satisfied
By the nectar shed by a haunt
Of darkness...
Always unexpected sudden hit.
Run away mortals...
The third night's on after the crescent
The night's light bleeds the presage
Of the curse...
Demonised lycanthropy -
metamorphosed beast
Indescribable living hate hides during the day...
The dew mantle dresses the lawn and tall trees in tranquillity
The shadow subside in the July's cold grey morning...
But the sun dies at the sunset and no one can escape from the night.
Insomniac eyes lurking obscured tracks
One who enters there ... will perceive...
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