..And All The Mortals Run Of Fright Testo

Testo ..And All The Mortals Run Of Fright

Total eclipse - one child is born in a secret place, prepared
to the baptism in the Sacred Blood. The flames of the temple's pillars
burn strongly tonight.
The world rests in a deep sleep, doesn't notice that across the lands spreads
The red fog of devastation, omen of the incarnation
of the damnation.
The never read Holy Book now is unsealed, the seal is broken.
Blood-written verses in Latin are pronounced by the designated
ancients and mentors.
The chalice of gold - Fluid of the power
All the power - Will be given in his hands
The child is beautiful... and great
His purpose will take its place
When the time comes...
The ritual of baptism in blood - is complete
The hell's conspiracy - is achieved
Cyclones and lightning strike - the earth
THE FORCE is united in victory - for the Son
The Son of Satan - inheritor of hell
Splintered his mother's womb - at the birth
The seed of evil - is alive!
This is the beginning of a new era - to the world...
... And all the mortals run of fright!
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