The Strongest One Testo

Testo The Strongest One

The Strongest One
With courage but the deepest fear
Embittered but strong like steel
He sailed to Troy across the ocean
Tested by the Gods of pleasure
Left his home and son forever and more
For this killing war
Blood and Scream - Pain and Fear
I served You - so You hurt me?!?
Compulsion of distress
But I won for your greatness
Now I'm cursed by by the God of ocean
I left my home and I can't be back anymore -
not anymore
I reach my land
Not even Gods can thrust me back
I will return
You pressed me to sail on water
Until my life meets the end
I refuse you Gods
I will reach my land - the holy land
Seven bloody years in the cruelest war
'nother ten years on the ocean
'Lost my soldiers, lost belief but
In my dreams I always saw the day
I come and hold my wife in my arms
On my holy land'
No Danger - No Monsters
Can stop me on my journey
I'm the Strongest - The Cruelest
If I have to make it happen
Fight with Gods and holy powers
You can kill me, but never can play with my life -
'til I have a life
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