Still Alive Testo

Testo Still Alive

Still Alive
Scraps of memories
Scanty movie of life
Faceless faces around
Teasing cruel destiny
Ecstatic nightmares
I forgot how to fly
Violent visions awake
The past is fighting my mind
I close my eyes, I hope for the last time
I don't find the way, escape without pain
Against the wild wind I ran
I took away, what life could give
Tasted poison day by day
Facing fate and losing sense
I'm so alone, I'm defendant in this case
Waited so long, for my sentence
I wait, still alive
'til the end of my story
Bury the brain
Good feelings are fading away
The end is too far
The minutes are too long
Breathing so hard
The reel won't roll over yet
Parties fogbound
Nights and days in delight
Erotic chaos in dust
No regrets, just the dark
I close my eyes...
Tables turned by the time
Bad spirits moved to my head
Body consumed by death
But pain will keep me alive
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