Poisoned Souls Testo

Testo Poisoned Souls

Poisoned Souls
Blackest days are coming
When the earth begins to quake
At one blow we're going downhill with our pride
Impossible to break the walls of frailty in our heart
Will you dare to rebel
Just keep smiling, be polite!
Blackest nights are coming near
The wolf waits at the door
Magnetized by cheap tricks on the screen
Nuclear dust's pouring down, my smile turns into grin
And our faces get dry
Oh, how I miss the rain
Follow me now - into the sunlight
Follow me now - new destination
Follow me now - storm-water's gonna be our purification
Fall on me
Fall on me
Fall on me
Holy water for us to be
Blackest clouds are gathered
Over this muddy place below
We know we're on the rack, we're going down
Sitting in your corner room infected by disease of
Say everything must be all right
So many faces I know, but I feel so alone
We've lost all our reasons, we're poisoned our souls
Come cover me now, I will surely die
Velvet hands gonna close my eyes
It's hard as a stone, can't bear it alone
Come with me to find out, what's wrong with our lives
Give all the power I need, all the strength to succeed
I will not turn back, to the sun we will rise
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