Murder One Testo

Testo Murder One

Murder One
Now see through my eyes
My secrets and lies
The demons I have locked in my heart
Made me colder than ice
Always the same
The night falls once again
Embrace me and melt the fear in my soul
And chase those ghosts away
Wake me up with the sun
The shine will not be gone
Loneliness is no friend of mine
Don't call me murder one
The taste of life remains in my mouth
Flashes of love like flames in the dark
Walking the streets alone
Your verdict may be hard
The lust for life is turned into pain
The curtain falls I'm out of the game
So many years you tried to destroy what I became
Murder of love was my name
I can hear the days collapsing
I can feel the sadness growing
I can taste the feel of hunger
I can see the days of thunder
Hate me or make me smile
Love me or make me die
Do what you want, do what you feel
Hurt me but never deny
Now see through my eyes
My secrets and lies
Take what you need, give what you want
Don't make me colder than ice
I'm all alone
So far from home
Take me tonight
You're out of range
It feels so strange
Make me fly
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