Triggerhappy Childmolester Testo

Testo Triggerhappy Childmolester

Gargling noises from the throat
as i squeeze its breath through its mouth
Veins are bursting inside its head
Triggerhappy childmolestor that is my name
I molest them so much faster than any skilled psychopath will do
so scream on my little child and i will do you too...
I break its nose and fingers first
Then I'll stab a screwdriver behind its kneecaps
just to make sure it won't run away anymore
Crawling like an insect
Mutilation is having its impact
Where are your parents right now?
I think they sleep forever in the bedroom
What's the effect of shotgunblast parallel with its spinalcord? *
will the particles all go through its head?
That sure is worth an serious examination
with masses the shotgun shells will fall
Inserting, loading, pulling the trigger
Its head is getting bigger and bigger
Suddenly erupting like a vulcano
splattering a grey-red mixture all over the wall
Created a suprascupular void
this kid shall never grow old
Small particles of it's skull penetrate my skin
emphasizing the excitement that I'm in
Unbelievable the mess created by such a small amount of scrapmetal
Concentration failure occurs by the sight of the tiny remains
More more we want more, pounding voices in my head
I can't sleep due to the swarm of flies above my bed
feasting on my little bedmate's body
Maybe it's about time to get rid of this stinking kid
otherwise I could be in deep deep shit
[* Backing vocals by Manus]
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