Hysterical Hysterectomy Testo

Testo Hysterical Hysterectomy

She was so pretty, a lust to see
And that she knew,
so she dressed to wake a mans' primal instinct
Defiance was her motive, just to drive them mad
When they thought that they could score,
she kicked them and pretended that she was assailed
But this night her luck had changed
Just when she had left the bar,
a dozen guys were waiting for her
Two of them stalked behind her and grabbed her at her arms and legs
She kicked and screamed
But it was in vain
Flinged in the trunk of a car
Panicked as a wild beast,
she cried out loud
Help me! please let me go!!
It became a bumpy ride,
but nothing in comparison with whats coming up
At the riverbank,
she was pulled out of her portable cage
They let her run and yelled
we're gonna have your fine ass multiplied in diameter with two!!
They pushed her head right into the sand
held her violently into the receiving position
Shoved up their tiny skirt and teared of her panties
A repetitive motion with a high frictioncoefficient followed
Similar with a two-cylinder engine without lubrication
A festering vaginal defect,
as a result of having forced sex with so many different man
She couldn't stand it anymore, this larvae created by so many men
Her fingernails were driven deep into her flesh,
this creature had to be removed instantly
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