Found At The Playground Testo

Testo Found At The Playground

Relatives in crime
hanging out at the mall
Nothing useful to do
wasting time with pity crimes
Bored as hell
they got each other nothing to tell
A youngster came across
Assumed to be popular but that's his loss
Annoying these bastard cousins
'come here lad, we want to play with you'
and they took him to a remote construction place
Arriving there the little kid asked them
What game are we going to play
On their faces appeared a nasty grin
They said ' It's called the long last molest
And you are not going to like it!'
Fist in face
Swollen black eyes
Hit him again
Brutal force applies
Limping away like a Sod
Kicked in the gut
Staggering on irons for reinforcement
Forcing him to shovel cement
Face down on the concrete
triggering a gushing nosebleed
Trailing over the sharp floors
Dazzed stumbling on all fours
Cut up shirt torn from his body
chafing, cutting and bruised
Until roastbeeflike raw and bloody
now the thugs are amused
Set up to be stamped down on a nail ridden board
the little bugger held fast on the rusted bent spikes
Choking on a carelessly discarded piece of cord
semi-suffocated, laughter accompanies his mercy cries
[Backing vocals by Marijn]
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