Pass The Vibes Testo

Testo Pass The Vibes

Pass the vibes, I wanna take it easy
Just flow, baby, just flow
2pm, it's raining outside
Now Floyd had no plan to steal himself a new ride
But Simone lived on the other side of town
It's been a week since she's defined her sound
Splashing water on his face
There goes the phone
It's a babe from last night
Saying she wants to get him on his own
He vaguely recalls, but don't know her name
He plays it cool and conversates all the same
He says...
[Chorus x2]
She says
Meet me at the corner of your block at ten o'clock
I got a figure-hugging dress, and I know what I got
She's obviously got taste, so who am I to refuse
Besides, Simone's out of reach and she's got the blues
He says, I'll be there, I'll see you later
Later on I'll pass that vibe on
Five to ten, the mood is set
He strolls outside, still wondering what he's gonna get
So pass the vibes
[Chorus x2]
There she is on the corner
She's right on time
The face looks so familiar
The figure lines are fine
She says, my name is Mona
Simone is my sister
I've been sent to prevent you from stealing a ride
Don't say a word, hold my hand and walk home
If you take it easy, we'll pass the vibes
[Chorus x4]
If you take it easy, we'll pass the vibes
[Repeat Chorus to fade]
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