Morbid Mayhem Testo

Testo Morbid Mayhem

Morbid Mayhem
[music: Corpse lyrics: Rotten & Corpse]
Unholy exorcist possessed by ancient rites
Worshipping god of death to unleash tormented souls
Leading troops of undead who shall be reborn
Sadistic executioners of satan's spawn
Fullfilled by the power of Perkele
Madness fully grown
Morbid mayhem - Undead shall arise
Morbid mayhem - Spreading the horror
Morbid mayhem - Massacre has begun
Morbid mayhem - reign in death
Massive troops of undead creatures hunt those who are alive
Swarming vultures ripping bodies until they die
Blasphemous sacrificial slaughter of mankind
Cursed zombies returning from their graves
Enshrined by unholy grace
Headless torsos feasted - by Shub - Niggurath
Maze of torment rising - from below
Into beyond - they're calling us to join
No return - eternally we rot
[solos: Bobby - Corpse - Bobby]
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