Ordinary Testo

Testo Ordinary

White lace bedspread, Monet hanging over my head
Big smile on my face, wine glasses all over the place
Your shirt on my floor, I've never done that before
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Don't it feel so good
Flying high without a net above the neighborhood
I love to cross the line
I get a running start and I go five steps at a time
Oh wouldn't be scary
Just being ordinary?

At my church I pray. I had a long talk with the angels today
And they say, 'Listen to me...you gotta be a shepard, don't be a sheep'
Stop sign go away cause I ain't stopping for no one today
Yeah, yeah, yeah...


When I was a little girl my momma used to say,
'You only get one chance in this world and it's a chance you gotta take!'
And 30 years later here I am and I can't wait
La, la, la, la, I can't wait...

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