Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange Hand Grenade Testo

Testo Yellow, Yellow Orange, Orange Hand Grenade

this town will eat you alivebarely breathing.
this is barely a sign.
the glass I loved so dearly,
seems a lot less full
barely breathing
right now's not the time.
but if this glove fits fine
then we'll all toast with wine
clean up your act
and I'll clean up my mind
oh ambulance, where are you now?
I need you close like the lover I lost
barely able to walk being the amputee I am
I'd sever seven limbs just to hold on again
this is my self centered pride.
drive past these trees...
this icy leads to our death
this kiss is innocent
I swear its innocent, my love
we heard her voice through the fallen trees:
'call off the search
this avalanche is my grave
I am sleeping peaceful'
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