Trip So Sore Testo

Testo Trip So Sore

I want something out of reachYou shouldn't listen when I teach
I have had enough of waiting for you
Now I have nothing else to do
Sometimes sight is out of touch
Elderly thoughts feeling too much
Why must I go on waiting for you
Coming back makes me insane
Who has taught me who to be
Afraid to turn off my TV
Show me what has happened, make me believe
Fuck this fragile upbringing
Assholes running everything
They take my worthless offering
Life is artificial, but not as a dream
Things suck more than what they seem
Inject me with a disease one that I cannot hide
Shut me out and let no one else look far inside
'Cuz I think I've died
Don't want to be like you
'Cuz you're too much like me
Can't stand to be the fool
And that's what you've made me see
Don't want any more
'Cuz I can see what it does to you
Don't think it makes me happy
To trip so sore
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