Something Simple Testo

Testo Something Simple

When this thing started we knew so muchNow you're always further away
When we started I cared to touch
It's all a game, the same and I don't want to play
Something so simple has passed me by
What it had taught me has gone away
Lost all the will to truly try
Don't know how long I can stay this way
Everything changes from day to day
Nothing is stable, my edges fray
Can't tell how things will be like
Can't grasp control of my own damn life
Everything loses appeal, everyone is gone
I knew what was ideal, I know all that is wrong
Everyone isn't real, loneliness sets in
Give anything to feel, what's underneath your skin
I feel the semen get me high
I feel too many unfaithful ties
I realize the things I didn't do
So I don't mind letting go of you
I feel the semen leave me dry
I feel my lifetime flying by
I realize the things I did to you
Now I don't mind the fact you didn't tell me not to
It's crazy the way things are
It's crazy the way things always turn out for me
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