It Comes On Testo

Testo It Comes On

I was lost and no one believed meBut he was not who I am today
All the bad is all in my head
As I waste my life away
Memories of realities with the
People that have forgotten me
And the disbelieve of a preached relief
Let it take a hold of me
My black and white, all so admittedly extreme
I break apart when I❝m all alone
But what❝s the use of giving you abuse
When I have it all my own
I see through you and what you want to do
You can❝t fix me and I don❝t want you to
Its hella bad for me to love a sick disease
It really puts me in the mood
I think I've stopped myself for now
Too far to trace steps back somehow
Been forced to fail, given a negative label
The tragedy is that I can see this
And I can❝t just break away
Why do I not understand things?
Life is just too demanding
I want out sometimes
I have a problem that runs so deep
And that❝s when I treat you wrong
Now see how fast it comes on
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