I Get Sick Testo

Testo I Get Sick

Sometimes I think what it could be likeSometimes I wonder if everything will be alright
Sometimes I want to be everything to you
Every day I can't control the things I do
I wake up with these thoughts in my head
I wake up wishing you were in my bed
I want to let you know the pain inside
I know you're here and every day you try to hide
I get bored thinking of times I spent with you
I get sick wondering what he's done to you
When this is done I hope I am so far away
(Then) You'll feel the hurt I feel, it won't matter what you say
Every little thing I'd love to be, I'm not one of them
All the things I miss will never come again
I thought I knew you well and then where did you go
All of these excuses, spoken so cold
I don't want to know anything about you
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