Back In My Life Testo

Testo Back In My Life

Back in my life
I used to be so happy
Don't ask me why
I became so ugly
Go back in time
And try to find the answer
But don't hope to find
What is now out of time
All I see is a stranger who died

Out of the blue
You break into the silence
And all that we need me and you
Is spiritual guidance
Now I can see
Our love was always dying
And today I regret
All the joy that we had
All I feel is emptiness instead

I used to be so happy

Now it's gone, so long

Turn of the tide
I feel it coming back to me
Made up my mind
You will never be close to me
Back in my life
I used to be so happy
Now I'm breaking the back
Of what is breaking my neck
All I want is tenderness instead
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