Nothin Testo

Testo Nothin

I never really thought I'd be sittin' here all alone
Starin' down at the phone, damn
What did I do that was so wrong
And girl I never thought that you would move on
Can't believe you're gone
It's killing me my heart ain't your home
(And Now)
Thought I was the one but you done left me out
(And Now)
And Now
Now I can't see nothing
Now my everything done turned to nothing
What can I do, what can I say
Wish I could've stopped you walkin' out
Should've screamed out loud
Baby can't you hear me (Can't you hear me)
Don't you diss me
Because I'm hurting girl I wish that you could feel me
I guess there's nothing
Wish that you would talk to me or something
But you ain't sayin' nothin, no
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